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Skilled Worker Register

Need a BPM skilled person to employ permanently or on contract? CPI can help.
Contact Person

Elaine Jacobs

+27 21 982 8601

The Service

As from 2014, CPI maintains a Skilled Worker Register. The register is highly confidential.  The following terms and conditions apply:
  • No information will be made available to outside parties without written consent by the worker involved.
  • No fee is charged for a person to list.
  • No fee is charged to submit a query by a employer.
  • If there are suitable matches, a service fee will be charged by CPI to supply information to an employer. 

The Register

The following lists will be maintained in the Skilled Worker Register:
  • A list of students that successfully obtained the Certificate in Business Process Analysis and Design as per the CenCRA 3-months course. 
    • The examination mark will me supplied.
    • A CV of the student.
    • A video clip of the student presenting his/her automated process on the Metasonic tool. 
  • A list of M.Tech. students that attended the BPM lectures at CPUT.
  • A list of people who obtained tool training certificates.
  • A list of skilled people from our consulting partners who are available for Consulting Projects.