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Watch the video on Metasonic® Touch

posted 29 Sep 2014, 03:22 by Web Master   [ updated 19 Mar 2015, 03:31 ]
With Metasonic® Touch anyone would be capable of creating IT support for his/her own workflows. An interactive Multi-Touch display recognizes the tangible modeling building blocks, which allows the behavior patterns of employees to be defined within executable workflow models.

With Metasonic® Touch everyone can describe his/her own behavior patterns as well as the corresponding interactions with one or more employees. Consequently , it enables users to apply knowledge quickly and easily to the workflows. Two principles supports the user in this respect:
  • Workflows are modeled from the viewpoint of the respective process participant (Subject-oriented methodology)
  • The creation of applications become tangible and comprehensible through the use of physical modeling building blocks and interactive Multi-Touch display (Metasonic® Touch)
Users at different locations? No problem! Even several Metasonic® Touch tables can communicate with each other. The finished workflow descriptions are seamlessly integrated into the Metasonic® Suite and can be executed immediately as a web application within the framework of the validation. There, users can also supplement the workflow models with data forms, system interfaces and more and turn them into complete applications. Metasonic® Touch reduces the inhibition threshold of employees who are often deterred from the otherwise seemingly complex computer science. In addition, the modeling table promotes the communication between IT and business departments. The workflow models can be changed quickly and without limitation. This encourages everyone to assume more responsibilities and to get more involved.

Metasonic® Touch makes creating applications child‘s play.

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