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Metasonic Touch Table - a fun tool to lure business people into modelling

posted 4 Jun 2013, 14:24 by Web Master   [ updated 19 Mar 2015, 03:31 ]
Many moons ago, at about the same time when the internet became publicly accessible, object orientation came to the fore. Searching the web in 1994 revealed that there were over 50 different vendors that engaged in offering object oriented modelling tools. To avoid another Tower of Babel,  IT people got together and debated unification of methods. This resulted in the Unified Modelling Language (UML). 
Ivar Jacobson's Use Case technique became one of the most popular UML techniques. Why? According to psychologists the stick figure had the effect that business people did not feel intimidated by IT when they produced models with stick figures. 
The paradigm shift from Top-down business process modelling to Subject-oriented business process modelling is probably of the same order of magnitude when IT had to shift from the so-called "structured" methodologies to "OO" (object oriented) methodologies. 
Subject-oriented business process modelling focuses on the communication among workers (human or automated). 
In essence, a S-BPM communications diagram is a "dynamic" Use Case from a methodologist's point of view. By sequencing the process flow of a use case in terms of messages, the behavior inside the use case can be played out like a movie.
S-BPM simplified the over-complexity of the BPMN notation by using only 5 symbols.  With this simplicity it was possible for Metasonic to build a touch table. 
Business people (Users) are not afraid to "play" with blocks around a table. They need little guidance from IT to model their own processes on the Touch Table. The amazing thing is that these models can be uploaded into Metasonic Build, where they can be refined for deployment. It seems that the stick figure psychology applies here too. Business people do not feel intimidated by pushing blocks on a table - especially when there is a dopamine effect created by intelligent technology that connects the blocks automatically when block touches block.