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BPM You Can Touch

posted 1 Jan 2013, 10:21 by Web Master   [ updated 19 Mar 2015, 03:31 ]
  • Software manufacturer Metasonic presents Metasonic Touch, a new BPM modeling interface. It is a large modeling table with building blocks you can touch.

  • Using the building blocks, business department employees can model their business processes directly. These processes are then integrated seamlessly into the BPM Suite and executed immediately.

  • Metasonic CEO Herbert Kindermann considers the new modeling interface a milestone in the further development of business process management.

Pfaffenhofen, November 22, 2012 – With the “Metasonic Touch“, software manufacturer Metasonic has created a completely new BPM modeling interface. It involves a large modeling table, the so-called “Touch Table”, with building blocks you can pick up and move. Even without IT knowledge, department employees can use the building blocks to model the business processes directly. The finished models are then integrated seamlessly into the BPM Suite and executed immediately, e.g. in the T-Systems Process Cloud. If you are interested, you can order the Touch Table directly from the specialist for dynamic business process optimization.

Metasonic offers additional information on the Touch Table at and also a video, including an application example, at

Using a three-dimensional approach, Metasonic Touch makes it possible for all employees in an organization to incorporate their knowledge and experience quickly and easily into the business processes. This offers significant advantages: Department employees create models of their business processes from their I-perspectives while standing at a table – jointly with employees of the IT department. The often-bemoaned communications gap between the two areas is therefore bridged. Business department employees can thus concentrate on the essentials without being distracted by a complex software environment. This in turn considerably increases the level of acceptance for introducing new enterprise processes.

According to Herbert Kindermann, CEO of Metasonic, the new modeling interface is a milestone for BPM: Since the introduction of the Touch Table, ‘BPM You Can Touch’ is no longer just an empty phrase. The modeling does not take place on the PC but on our large modeling table.” This makes creating up business processes not only more intuitive but also tangible and easier than ever before.”

The Metasonic CEO emphasizes that the Touch Table is an add-on component to the Metasonic Suite and therefore represents an alternative modeling interface. “Users can, of course, continue to model their processes on their own computers.”

Users are able to slide the individual Metasonic Touch modeling blocks directly around the table surface. Each block has a unique code on its bottom surface that is automatically captured by an integrated camera. When two blocks are pushed together, a connection is established between them, which is projected onto the surface of the table. In this way, individual employees model their (subjective) behavior in the business process. The process model is then simply imported into the Suite, where it can be tested and executed immediately.

Metasonic AG, founded in 2004, is a software company, which provides a solution for dynamic business process management (BPM) with its Metasonic Suite. It is based on the patented subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM) method. This unique approach makes it easy for every user to describe processes continually, execute them immediately and adapt them quickly to any changes. This way companies are unbeatable in terms of agility and always "in tune"; in other words they are ideally equipped to master the dynamics and complexity in today’s world of business better than anyone else. The Metasonic Suite is already in use successfully by well-known companies, such as Audi, NEC and Hitachi.

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