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Needs tertiary training? CPI can assist.
Contact Person

Alida Delport

+27 83 628 2479

CPI lectures at the Cape Peninsula University in post-graduate programs managed by the Centre for CIO Research in Africa in association with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Institute of Innovative Process Management.


B.Tech. Post-graduate Internship Program
In this program, CPI presents Business Analysis for Java certified post-graduate B.Tech students, using both the Metasonic and BIC tool sets. The program is designed to cover 9 months consisting of three parts, each spanning two months of theory and one month of hands-on project work.

The first part of the program covers the following skills:
  • 10% Communication and presentation skills

  • 20% Control flow oriented BPM analysis covering different abstraction types, aspects of models, leveling of models in repository organization and Process Frameworks like the APQC PCF. Diagram types covered are Value Chain, EPC, Funtion Tree and BPMN. 
    Students are introduced to the BIC Platform.  

  • 70% Subject-oriented BPM analysis and process design covering the theory in the text book authored by Albert Fleischmann et al with course material provided by the Institute of Innovative Process Management. Metasonic sponsored free software licenses for the students.

  • Practical work involves building and deployment of a complete automated, end-to-end business process on Metasonic. 

  • Each student is filmed presenting their process for viewing by potential future employers.

  • The course ends with a formal 3 hour theory exam.

  • Students get a Certificate in Business Process Analysis and Design.

Alida lecturing

M.Tech. Lectures

CPI also lectures a series of 15 one hour lectures to M.Tech. students on both the control flow oriented and subject-oriented BPM paradigms. 

The aim is to give students a scientific insight into the sciences behind process model notations, with a focus on traceability engineering in model repository organization.

As in the case of the B.Tech. program, students are sponsored to use the Metasonic and the BIC tool sets. 

By having hands-on access to these tools, students can get insight on how continuous process improvement is enabled through the use of  5th generation process automation tools like Metasonic.