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Our partners

CPI was appointed premium VAR for Metasonic in Africa in 2012.

The Metasonic Suite of tools offers a platform for dynamic process applications. It is based on the unique approach of subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM) developed by Dr. Albert Fleischmann.  This tool enables the technical departments of both large and mid-sized companies to set up and execute rule-compliant processes and applications quickly, efficiently, and effectively and to revise them on the fly.

At the center of the approach are the employees (subjects) and the way they communicate with each other. This approach, paired with the ability to describe a process easily and intuitively (using only 5 symbols), to execute it immediately within a process portal, and to integrate it flexibly into the existing IT landscape, gives companies unique opportunities to increase their competitiveness.


CPI was appointed premium VAR for BIC in Africa in 2013.

GBTEC is a software and consulting company that provides private and public knowledge based organizations with information tailored to their target audiences, in a format that is easy to understand. At the right time, and at any location.


CPI was appointed collaboration training partner at CenCRA in 2014.

CenCRA (Centre for CIO Research in Africa) works in close association with the
Information & Communication Technology Academy of the Department of Information Technology of the Informatics and Design Faculty of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

CPI trains Business Analysts in a post-graduate itnernship program for Java certified post-graduate B.Tech students, using both the Metasonic and BIC tool sets.  

CPI also lectures M.Tech students on both the control flow oriented and subject-oriented BPM paradigms, with a focus on traceability engineering in model repository organization.