CPI History

Collaborative Process Integration (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2001 as a value-add re-seller of the IDS Scheer ARIS BPM tool set. The company, referred to as CPI, established itself as a leader in delivering business process modeling, -management and -performance solutions to clients in South Africa, Namibia and Nigeria.

Ten years later the scenario changed. IDS Scheer sold the ARIS tool set to Software AG, who subsequently terminated all the IDS Scheer value-add re-seller agreements in 2012. This resulted in a forced world-wide take-over of ARIS clients from previous IDS Scheer value-added resellers. These companies had to either close down or seek new ways to do business. 

In 2012 CPI decided to move into the new wave of S-BPM and obtained international partnership for Metasonic AG. It was with great enthusiasm and confidence that CPI embraced the opportunity to assist their clients in adopting S-BPM. With the power of S-BPM, 2012 marked the beginning of an era in which CPI could offer truly revolutionary collaborative process integration between business processes and expert innovation technology solutions.

In 2013 CPI obtained partnership with GBTEC AG as solutions partner for the BIC Platform in the SADC countries. The BIC Platform, developed and implemented by GBTEC, is a central hub for modeling, visualization, and information. Metasonic fits perfectly into the process execution slot of the BIC Platform. The BIC platform is a cost-effective alternate for ARIS clients.

In 2014 CPI became a collaboration training partner with the Centre of CIO Research in Africa (CenCRA). CenCRA collaborates with the Department of Information Technology of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). CPI assists in training Business Analysis and Business Process Management in post-graduate programs.

In 2015 CPI became a VAR for BellaDati, a Business Intelligence tool. Yes, there are quite some products out there dealing with BI. The main advantages of BellaDati is the fact that all is web-based with easy integration capabilities and the SDK / API. During discussions with Qlkview experts and customers it is clear that the main reason for choosing BellaDati was next to the above mentioned points the simplicity to create and share reports.