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Need smooth and secured data transfer between all IT systems in your company? 
CPI offers you Orchestra.
Contact Person

Dawie Jacobs

+27 83 262 1484

CPI was appointed value-added 
re-seller for
Orchestra by Soffico, a German based company.

The soffico GmbH develops efficient solutions for the optimization of business processes and communication flow. Their highly experienced technical staff distinguishes them from their competitors. Thanks to their revolutionary thinking and usage of modular concepts they develop future-proof, efficient and sustainable software solutions. Their objective is to ensure the inter-operability between various IT systems for a smooth, quick and most importantly, secured electronic data exchange.

Orchestra Key features

Transparent data flow
  • Sophisticated and intuitive monitoring for maximum transparency and traceability.

Easy and flexible system integration
  • Flexible and simple connection of a great variety of systems
  • Maximum user-friendliness
  • Highest degree of user acceptance.

Decentralized control and self-governance
  • Minimum operation effort fault-tolerant, self-healing, low maintenance cost
  • High degree of reuseability, scales according to tasks.

Security "Made in Germany"
  • Process and data security guaranteed.

  • Workflow-oriented cloud integration

Telematics for manufacturing
  • Easily configurable business processes
  • Easily adjustable

  • From micro device to high available cluster solution.

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