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Metasonic Suite

Need a Kaizen and 5th generation code automation tool?
CPI offers you Metasonic.
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Dawie Jacobs

+27 83 262 1484

Metasonic® Suite includes the following components: 


The Metasonic tool can best be described as follows:

  • To business people: it is a Kaizen tool for process automation 
  • To IT people: it is a 5th generation code automation tool.

Using just 5 symbols you can create process applications, make changes on the fly and execute them on your portal – all in the blink of an eye. Metasonic® Suite is a solution for dynamic process applications with the goal of making your business process management unbeatable efficient in global competition.

S-BPM focuses on subjects - the people who actually carry out the processes. All participants (subjects) in a process are linked together by the use of a single language in a single environment. One single control flow, which is the key approach in many other BPM tools, is not required any more. Each business user can now describe his processes and applications from the design stage all the way to implementation without outside help. 

Without the need for programming, each user can also review and test his processes before they are implemented. This leads to great transparency and to a creative environment in which every employee is continuously motivated to contribute suggestions for optimization.

By keeping process logic, rules, data, roles, and organizational units clearly separate from each other, “active compliance management” is achieved. This forms the basis of risk management, because it minimizes risks through greater transparency and maintains quality on the same high level at all times

The Metasonic tool set gives every business user the ability to move from process to completed application in just a few steps.  For more information, download the fact sheets at the bottom of the page.

The Metasonic Touch table

Metasonic developed Metasonic® Touch, so anyone would be capable of creating IT support for his/her own workflows. An interactive Multi-Touch display recognizes the tangible modeling building blocks, which allows the behavior patterns of employees to be defined within executable workflow models.


By definition, a Gartner Cool Vendor is a company that offers technologies or solutions that are innovative, impactful and intriguing. Gartner further outlines those features as:

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