Need process tools that span from inception to implementation?
CPI can help.
Contact Person

Dawie Jacobs

+27 83 262 1484
CPI is the sole value-added re-seller (VAR) in the SADEC countries for the following software products:
  • BIC PlatformA comprehensive standard solution for BPM and IT management from GBTEC
  • Metasonic. A software suite with the new paradigm S-BPM solution
  • Orchestra. Transparent data flow & flexible system integration.
  • BellaDati.  An agile BI solution helping business to analyze and visualize data very easily, without the need of developing complex solutions.

CPI uses the four products in an integrated manner to close the loop between business and IT. You can manage enterprise models in BIC, you can do automated process code generation on Metasonic, you can do agile data analytics with complete BI in a purely web-based manner with BellaDati and you can access all implemented software in your IT asset base via Orchestra - all in an integrated way!