Closing the loop between Business and IT
Founded in 2001 as a value-add re-seller of ARIS, CPI established itself as a leader in delivering business process modelling, -management and
-performance solutions to clients in South Africa, Namibia and Nigeria, developing a multi-million Rand business over a decade.

In 2012 CPI entered into agreements with a number of international partners, and tapped into the new wave of S-BPM and BPM solutions.

Our Vision

Supporting our customers in Delivering a full BPM and enterprise wide process life-cycle solution that incorporates all aspects of efficient governance and compliance within industry standards.

With the power of S-BPM, CPI offers truly revolutionary collaborative process integration between business processes and expert innovation technology solutions.

Our Business Model
Customers developed from 2001 - 2011
CPI’s collaborative implementation partner approach supported various customers in all industries in developing a well established ARIS repository environment.
Our Global Alliances
CPI is proud to offer best in class solutions:
  • GBTEC’s BIC Platform
  • Metasonic AG, with its S-BPM process solution. 
  • Hype. Standard Software for Innovation and idea management.
  • Orchestra. Transparent data flow & flexible system integration.

Ownership & Management
 Dawie Jacobs
Founder & Owner
 Alida Delport
Training Director