Closing the loop between Business and IT
Founded in 2001, CPI established itself as a leader in delivering business process modelling, -management and -performance solutions to clients in South Africa, Namibia and Nigeria.

In 2012 CPI entered into agreements with a number of international partners, and tapped into the new wave of S-BPM and enhanced BPM solutions.

Our Vision

Supporting our customers in Delivering a full BPM and enterprise wide process life-cycle solution that incorporates all aspects of efficient governance and compliance within industry standards.

With the power of S-BPM, CPI offers truly revolutionary collaborative process integration between business processes and expert innovation technology solutions.

Our Business Model
Customers developed from 2001 - 2011
CPI’s collaborative implementation partner approach supported various customers across different industries in developing  well established enterprise repository environments.
Our Global Alliances
CPI is proud to offer best in class solutions:
  • GBTEC’s BIC Platform
  • Metasonic AG, with its S-BPM process solution. 
  • Orchestra. Transparent data flow & flexible system integration.
  • BellaDatiAn agile BI solution.

Ownership & Management
 Dawie Jacobs
Founder & Owner
 Alida Delport
Training Director